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Recomputation of Social Security benefits

Your PIA might be increased, but will never be decreased, due to recomputation. Your PIA will be automatically recomputed if you have earnings in any year during which you are entitled to retirement or disability insurance benefits. If your earnings

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Government Pension Offset (GPO)

If you receive a pension based on your employment by the US federal government, state governments, or other political subdivisions not covered by Social Security, then any spouse’s, divorced spouse’s, widow(er)’s, divorced widow(er)’s, or deemed spouse’s benefits may be reduced

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Spouse’s insurance benefit on Social Security

At FRA, a spouse is eligible for the larger of his or her retirement benefit based on his or her own record or ½ of the retirement benefit his or her spouse will be eligible for at his or her

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Social Security Start/stop/restart strategy

We consider this strategy both for people already receiving benefits and for those who have not yet filed. Once you start collecting your retirement benefit, you can stop receipt provided you have attained your FRA. You can then restart receipt

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Sequencing and timing of retirement and spousal benefits for social security

We take great care to ensure that our recommended filing strategy only includes benefit receipt dates that are allowable within Social Security’s rules. The two major rules that affect married couples are the spousal benefit eligibility rule and the deeming

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Delayed retirement to earn increase Social Security benefits

The Full Retirement Age (FRA) is 65 for people born on or before January 1, 1938 and gradually rises for people born between then and January 2, 1960, when the FRA levels off at 67. Although you can choose to

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Social Security Filing Recommendations

Filing Recommendations We recommend exactly what actions and strategies you should follow and exactly when you should do so. We do the same for spouses and partners if married or partnered. On your Social Security application, be sure to use

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Spouse’s (current, divorced, widowed) and partner’s past covered earnings

Inferring the past covered earnings of divorced or deceased spouses can be particularly useful when you do not have access to his or her past covered earnings records. If you are divorced and were married for at least 10 years,

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.Who will file and suspend at Full Retirement Age if Married

If you are married and one spouse plans to file and suspend benefits so the other can become eligible for spousal benefits, we ask who will do so. See File and Suspend (#3) in Strategies below for more discussion of

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